Coffee & Tea


Kakáo proudly serves Herkimer Coffee, blended and roasted in Phinney Ridge. Herkimer directly sources premium green coffees from small farms where no pesticides or fertilizers are used. Coffees grown in this manner command a premium price, which supports good wages, good workers, and good working conditions at the farms.

Espresso Blend presents a medium-high acid, full-body profile and intriguing layers of flavor, a careful balance of high-elevation coffees.

Drip Blend is a soft, medium-low acid, full-bodied offering with a clean finish, intended as a well-rounded everyday coffee.

Decaf Blend delivers a low-acid, medium-full body profile. Simple and straightforward, it’s 100% Brazilian, decaffeinated through the Swiss Water Process.

We’re also pleased to serve a selection of fresh, artisan-quality teas from Miro Tea in Ballard. Miro carefully sources teas that are representative of their respective varieties in taste, appearance and quality. Our offering of more than a dozen teas includes black, green, decaffeinated, Rooibus and more.